Pratiche di visto e residenza per chi vuole investire in Italia.

The STUDIO MEROLA RELOCATION is a studio specializing in investments in Italy by citizens and companies from
the Europe and from the outside Europe.

The italian consultant study Merola protects and transfers the your assets with creation a new italian company and it prepares all document
for the your personal transfer with all family.

Our staff believes in globalization and in the investments in Italy, why do this kind of advice is perfect and without problems.

Today the firm Merola Investments in Italy is able to offer the following services:
– Company Formation in Italy and legal residence in our study.
– Attribution tax code.
– Registration Chamber of Commerce by the person who wants to invest in Italy.
– Practice for obtaining Italian visa of who invests in Italy and families.
– All other services without moving from their foreign residence.
– The investments in Italy study prepares purchases of shares in other companies, and buying real estate and more with your procuration.

The our studio it has a base of loyal and diverse costumers ranging from small and medium-sized enterprise for investments in Italy and foreign companies ,
at the free autonomous professionals . In 15 years of activity the firm has established a solid network of partners covering the whole national territory ,
and it is inserted fully into the reality of the Public Administrations for the practices of immigration and in the local context of service providers and various types of intermediaries , which are essential for relocating of companies that transfer their activities in Italy for investments in Italy.

Our team of experts allows all foreigners who want to invest in Italy , to take up residence in Italy , set up a company in Italy for the purpose of investments in Italy , and organize all the necessary paperwork without moving from your country of origin .

We believe in world peoples …
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